Mission Integration Award

As the "voice for student affairs professionals in Catholic higher education," the intent of this annual award is to highlight and recognize best practices in various student affairs areas. The programs recognized intentionally articulate Catholic identity as an integral part of a student affairs program.  Through the mutual sharing of ideas and their practical applications, ASACCU hopes to foster dialogue to deepen our members’ understanding of the interplay between Catholic identity and the ever changing complexity of contemporary circumstances and student experience on our campuses.

The current categories for the Mission Integration Awards submissions are:

  • Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related
  • Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and related

The criteria for evaluation of program submissions include -

  • Positive impact on student learning
  • Successful demonstration of addressing student or campus needs
  • Originality and creativity
  • Demonstration of at least one of the principles included in ASACCU's Principles of Good Practice
  • Evidence of Catholic identity or mission
  • Practical use of research and/or assessment

ASACCU Mission Integration Awards Past Recipients

Category of Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related:

2018:  Assumption College
2017:  Regis College
2016:  University of Notre Dame
2015:  Loyola University Maryland
2014:  St. Norbert College (Residence Life category)
2014:  University of Notre Dame (Dean of Students category)
2013:  Marquette University (Residence Life category)
2013:  St. John's University (Dean of Students category)
2012:  St Norbert College (Residence Life category)
2012:  University of Dayton (Dean of Students category)

Category of Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related:
2018:  Marian University
2017:  St. Vincent College
2016:  Alvernia University
2015:  St. Vincent College
2014:  St. Norbert College
2013:  Emmanuel College
2012:  Chestnut Hill College

Category of Diversity, Inclusion, and related:
2018:  Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, and Briar Cliff University
2017:  Siena College
2016:  Loyola Marymount University
2015:  DePaul University