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 Subject : Strategic Analyst for Career Development, University of Notre Dame.. 11/23/2018 06:59:56 PM 
Teri O'Brien
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The Center for Career Development prepares students for lifelong career readiness through innovative and tailored programs, services, and strategic partnerships. Strategic decisions are driven primarily by data which advance and refine these programs, services, and how strategic partnerships are cultivated.

The Strategic Analyst is responsible for managing the Center for Career Development’s overall effort related to data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Strategic Analyst supports all data-related functions for the four departments in the Center (Operations and Event Services, Employer Engagement, Undergraduate Career Services, and Graduate Career Services). Key areas of data collection and analysis include First Destination Survey data, career pathways, satisfaction surveys, employer outreach, and student outreach efforts.

Additionally, the Strategic Analyst serves as a central resource for the Center’s use of various technologies, as well as the Center’s expert on use of Qualtrics, Tableau, and other data-based technologies. The Strategic Analyst monitors and provides updates related to the Center’s strategic plan. The Strategic Analyst also oversees a team of student employees responsible for annual benchmark research of peer institutions and services provided.

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