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 Subject : University of Notre Dame - Assistant Director of Community Standards.. 03/23/2022 02:28:55 PM 
Arianne St. Aubin
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The University of Notre Dame is accepting applications for the Assistant Director of Community Standards.

Please find the full position description attached.

To apply:

The Assistant Director of Community Standards is responsible for implementing an education-based approach to student conduct and community responsibilities, rooted in the Catholic Holy Cross tradition that applies to all students at the University including undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The position is integrally involved with all aspects of the Office of Community Standards, including the education on University’s Standards of Conduct, managing the process for those who allegedly violate the standards, and assigning outcomes to students found responsible for violations. The Assistant Director must possess the ability to work collaboratively across the University and be comfortable with the potentially high profile nature of both the University and its students. This position requires student outreach and direct contact outside the office through educational engagement activities and supporting University events (including weekend and evening commitments) to provide for a holistic approach to student development.

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