2020 Mission Integration Award Winners

ASACCU Announces Mission Integration Award Winners for 2020

Providence College
DePaul University
Villanova University


Call for 2023 Conference Site Proposals

ASACCU Conference Request for Proposals (RFP) is closed.

The annual ASACCU Conference is an opportunity for member institutions to showcase their campus, the work of the student affairs division, and to highlight how the Catholic Identity of their campus is expressed.  The RFP submission deadline for next year will be in the fall.  Should you need an extension, please contact [email protected].  Click here for RFP document.

The Idea of A Catholic College

The complementarity of faith and reason; a commitment to philosophy and theology as "sapiential" and "architectonic" disciplines; the belief that all reality is suffused with the presence of God such that God may be found in all things; an understanding of education as a work of sanctification if not even resurrection; and an ambition to educate hearts as well as to instruct minds -- these are, among others, the ideas that have animated and animate yet today Catholic colleges and universities in the United States. But how do these ideas fare, and how can they best be expressed, in today's undergraduate colleges? Are philosophy and theology up to the charge? How should courses in these disciplines be conceived and structured in general education curricula? Further, how do the other disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences serve and express the basic mission of Catholic higher education? Do professional programs in business, education, engineering, or nursing have distinctive vocations within the context of Catholic higher education? What roles do campus ministry, service centers, learning communities, and the like have to play? More precisely, how can they be, not extra-curricular, but co-curricular, contributing to the educational mission of the college? And just what is the warrant for an institution of higher learning to seek to transform students' hearts?

The faculty and administration of King's College invite papers responding to these and related questions for presentation at the conference "The Idea of a Catholic College: Charism, Curricula, and Community," scheduled for Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20, 2014, on the King's College campus. The conference's keynote speaker will be the Reverend John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame. Twelve other invited speakers will participate in three panel discussions. Click here for a longer introduction to the conference's themes. Click here for the names and affiliations of the panelists.

Papers should be appropriate for presentation either in thirty minutes (with fifteen minutes following for discussion) or in twenty minutes (with ten minutes for discussion). Send a 300-word abstract, by April 1, 2014, to [email protected]. Specify in the note accompanying your abstract whether you plan to present for thirty minutes or twenty. Presenters will be notified by May 1.


ASACCU's Senior Student Affairs Officers Roundtable


This year's Roundtable is scheduled in-person for November 4-5, 2021 at DePaul University (DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., 11th Floor).

 November 4-5, 2021

  • Nov 4th, 12pm-5pm (CST)
  • Nov 5th, 9am-11:45am (CST)

FORMAT: This is an in-person roundtable-format event. What makes it a rich and meaningful gathering are the topics generated by you, the SSAO attendees. This is a safe and confidential space for us to discuss and consider important and timely topics as leaders in Student Affairs. 

REGISTRATION: The conference fee is $100.00 and registration is open. The registration fee includes lunch and dinner on November 4th, and breakfast November 5th. 

LODGING: While you can stay at any hotel in the vicinity of DePaul, we have arranged a room block with a negotiated rate for any attendees who would like to stay at the Silversmith Hotel located at 10 S. Wabash Avenue (downtown Chicago). Click HERE to reserve a room by October 22.

COVID-19 CONSIDERATIONS: The City of Chicago and the Executive Cabinet of DePaul University have in place COVID-19 protocol which we intend to follow when we gather on the DePaul campus. As such, we are requiring all attendees to have the COVID-19 Vaccination. Registrants will receive a link to provide DePaul with their  COVID-19 Vaccination attestation information.


2016 ASACCU Conference Keynote Speakers

Meet the 2016 ASACCU Conference Keynote Speakers

Tim Clydesdale is professor of sociology at The College of New Jersey. A first-generation college graduate, he earned his baccalaureate degree at Wheaton College (IL), and completed his PhD at Princeton University. After two years of teaching at Gordon College, Clydesdale joined The College of New Jersey, where he has also served as department chair, faculty senator, and faculty representative to the Board of Trustees. He has been invited to speak about his research at more than 50 colleges, universities, and scholarly associations across the U.S. His research on the post-high school transition culminated in The First Year Out: Understanding American Teens after High School (University of Chicago Press, 2007). His evaluation of an 88-campus, Lilly Endowment initiative, The Purposeful Graduate: Why Colleges Must Talk to Students about Vocation, was published in May 2015 by the University of Chicago Press. Presently, he is wrapping up a collaborative project on the Changing Spirituality of Emerging Adults that included a national survey of twentysomethings in America, in-depth interviews with more than 200 young adults, and ethnographic study of 11 congregations that attract scores of young adults. The co-authored book from that study is titled: The Twentysomething Soul: Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Young Adults.

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